Miqdad A. Fawwaz

Sr. Software Engineer - Web Platform at Tokopedia

At Tokopedia, I involve in core and innovation team for web platform, a small but fast-paced central team that helps other teams leverage their possibility. I maintain a big scale of web microservices and make sure all of core functionalities work well without sacrificing productivity and operation velocity. I also evaluate and improve Tokopedia web application, where I do research software problems, conduct proof of concept, diagnostics, and bring fine-grained results to production. I mostly collaborate with multi-disciplinary team of engineers on a wide range of problems. In my spare time, I'd like to learn computing disciplines, running, and reading variety of books.
2014 - 2018
BCompSc at IPB Univeristy with a major in computer science. This is where I first came in contact with web engineering.

Open Source Projects

eslint-plugin-loadable-component is a lint support for @loadable/component implementation including some opinionated rules that able to mitigate some unexpected errors and suggest best practices.

svelgo is a svelte baseline with rich pre-configured environment. It supports various modern web stacks such as PWA, typescript, tailwindCSS, and others. It also implements hybrid rendering strategy means you can run SSR and CSR independently based on what you need.